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  • About Kelly Hyman

    Kelly Hyman is an experienced attorney specializing in mass torts litigation, and a Democratic legal analyst residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Kelly's Journey

    Kelly Hyman worked as a trained actress for 25 years before gaining her law degree. She received her first agent while still under 10 years old. She has been featured in several commercials and daytime tv shows.


    Now, she regularly makes appearances on various news programs, including Fox & Friends, The Ingraham Angle, Law & Crime Network, and America This Week, to deliver her Democratic and legal perspectives and expertise on hot topics in the current news cycle.

  • Kelly's Blog

    Kelly shares thoughts and expertise in her field.

  • News Appearances

    Kelly Hyman appears as a legal analyst on various news programs.

    Kelly Hyman on The Final 5

    Kelly Hyman on America This Week


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